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As an organization, Kase Manufacturing brings together decades of experience, best-in-class practices, and strategic partnerships unmatched in the cannabis industry.

Kase Manufacturing provides a full range
of services
to meet the needs of any
compliant and licensed company or brand.

Kase Manufacturing provides a full range of services to meet the needs of any compliant and licensed company or brand.

White labeling

White labeling can provide a mechanism for brands to stay competitive in the marketplace by expanding and improving their product offerings to consumers. This allows brands to leverage Kase Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art facility for the development of new product lines without the need for additional licensing.

Toll Processing

Toll processing is a relationship between a supplier and a processor to manufacture raw biomass into specific consistencies/products. In a cannabis tolling relationship, we offer our facility and expertise to refine material supplied by the client themselves, allowing them to retain control over their end-product.

Formulation Development

Formulation is the key to achieving consistency with cannabis products. Kase Manufacturing can provide guidance on proper formulation development of any cannabis product line. From the bioavailability of cannabinoids to accurate dosing and production scale, Kase Manufacturing’s team understands the increasingly larger roles in determining the success of a product in today’s market and is proud to offer its services in developing the next industry leader.

Process Consulting

With years of experience in cannabis manufacturing, we pride ourselves on identifying and implementing best practices for brands and products at all stages of development.

Participation Opportunities

Do you know a company that may want their products manufactured by us? Contact us to learn more about the Kase Referral Program now!

Don’t overlook your potential for profit! Kase Manufacturing offers cultivators a 70/30 split! Call us today to find out more!

Are you overpaying for your manufacturing? If you decide to manufacture with us, we offer all new customers discounts on your first production order!



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